Ideal Employee

A Halla Holdings employee who strives to enhance customer satisfaction and company's competitiveness

An ideal Halla Holdings candidate realizes the company's core value.
If you are one of those who are ready to leap forward with confidence based on people's trust, you can make Halla Holdings's talent.

Halla Holdings's Core Values

Trust, Confidence, Speed
  • Trust

    A beloved company with trust from clients and employees

  • Confidence

    Passion that drives you to achieve challenging goals and positive mind

  • Speed

    Speedy reaction to rapidly changing corporate environment as a global logistics and service leader

Ideals by Class

Class - Executives, Division head, Representative
  • Executives

    Those who provide vision and strategy to produce performance based on insight in the given field

  • Division head

    Those who create high-performance with strong will and advanced work skills and also have warm hearts

  • Representative

    Those who seek the best performance of all with creativity and passion for work

Ideals by Work

Logistics, Sales, Maintenance, Support, PR/Marketing
  • Logistics

    Those who have a global mind and challenging spirit

  • Sales

    Those who are armed with momentum and power of execution

  • Maintenance

    Those who work with efficiency and can cope with emergency

  • Support

    Those who have analytic skills and expertise

  • PR / Marketing

    Those who are dynamic and have communicative skills