Auto Accessories

Halla Holdings's automobile business for the convergence of in-vehicle information and entertainment helps build next generation automobiles that integrate state-of-the-art technologies. With advanced devices ranging from navigation systems and car black boxes to multimedia devices integrating smartphone functions, Halla Holdings is leading the auto accessories market with Mando's technological prowess.

Car Black Boxes

Since the first release of its car black box, Halla Holdings has been endeavoring to build solid black boxes that can record information under any circumstance. Halla Holdings is growing as a leading brand with superior technology and quality responses for improving critical faults of black boxes including heating and recording failures.


Navigation Systems

Mando Navigation has been growing in the history of Korean navigation systems since the Mando R&D Center's production of an automotive navigation system on an OEM basis in 1992. After 22 years of persistent research and development efforts, Halla Holdings has sold an accumulated total of more than one million units of car navigation systems, securing the highest level of product quality and reliability in the industry. Its products are expanding their roles, evolving into automotive infotainment systems equipped with voice recognition and smartphone mirroring functions.


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